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New club - super friendly, relaxed, and fun!

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This club, the Pink Diamond, just recently opened, and as such, it's a really nice environment if you're into more personal experiences! The girls who work there are all super super friendly, and it normally isn't crowded, so they'll give you a lot of one on one attention. It's LGBTQ friendly of course, has a really nice neon-lights sort of atmosphere, and has a VIP group that'll let you know if one of your faves is working, or what the theme is, as they have themed nights sometimes too. Also, no one's going to be mad if you don't have the lindens to tip any of the workers, as long as you're friendly! It's just a nice environment that's open 24-7. I'm there right now if you wanna visit! Keep in mind that it's 18+ :)


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