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We have big news we have now added to the northeast corner of Coco Reserve a new pool area called Coco Oasis situated in deeply landscaped surroundings featuring a pool, a couple of private coves, and two different styled cabanas, for you and that special companion.

 Also, next to the pool area you will find a new five story penthouse, for those interested in penthouse style accommodations.  Come swim, sun, relax or indulge all your pleasures.

  • Adult Sim
  • Rentals starting @ L$80/week
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Jazz Lounge
  • Cozy Cafe
  • Human avatars only!
  • Nudity allowed (of course)
  • Swingers welcome
  • LGBT friendly

Uber to Coco Reserve

*Follow arrows at landing area and feel free to browse through our rental kiosk or make use of our TP System to TP around Coco Reserve. 

Contact Xaviana Carpaccio, Nohvah, or Colebryson for more info


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