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GMA Mainland Investments Ltd.  
- Buy, Sell, Lease Protected Waterfront Parcels -


Zindra Adult Beach Parcels Super Rare

Last Two Parcels Available

Double Prims

Multiple Protected

Don't Sleep


Get Up

➤ Type: 4x Protected Land with 2x Prims
➤ Surface: 1024 sqm.
➤ Capacity: 703 prims
➤ Location: Zindra - Garleon
➤ Price: L$ 115500,-


➤ Type: 2x Protected Roadside with 2x Prims
➤ Surface: 2048 sqm.
➤ Capacity: 1406 prims
➤ Location: Zindra - Garleon
➤ Price: L$ 335500,-


GMA Mainland Investments Ltd.
☎ Support: Taqessa Resident / sraprillia10 Streeter

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I only find out today how rare these parcels are i know about horizons but dont like the spacy theme much, there seem to be just about 7 to 9 regions adult with 2x primed and they are rather nice way better to have then a bay city parcels for example.

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