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TROUBLESHOOTING - Advance Lighting

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Hi All Members,

Having abit of trouble after ticking the box to add advanced lighting to my avatar to take better photos. For some reason my skin goes all patchy? If someone could help with my issue would appreciate it. 

*Added image below of issue. 

Thank You, 



problem skin _001.jpg

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You have too much gloss on your mesh body.

You haven't said which body you have, but the controls for it will be somewhere in the body hud, usually in the area for skin.  Reduce the sliders, especially "Environment" which should be at or near zero if you want a realistic effect.

Once you've got your body looking right, check your head as well to make sure the settings match, otherwise you'll have a visible seam at the neck.

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   What Matti said. 

   Saw plenty of people looking like that today when I went out shopping for the weekend sales - people who don't use advanced lighting models who accidentally amp the shininess and environment sliders way up without realising what it does, it happens a lot.

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