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😺🐴 New Breedable Market Stalls - !!! GREAT PROMO !!! 🐴😺

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Welcome to Oasis Auctions and breedables Market. Oasis is a new marketplace in Second Life offering a versatile selection of animals to breeders.

Since our animal marketplace is new, we would like to provide new tenants who desire to stall their animals with us with this very attractive offer. You are welcome no matter the type of breeder you are, we support any type of breedable animals available. Amaretto Horses, ABC Horses, KittyCats, Meeroos, Kreatures etc...

At the Oasis market you can rent a stall starting at just 40 L$ Per Week for 50 Prims.
As a welcome offer you can pay 2 weeks rent and receive 2 additional weeks of rent FREE

We also offer larger paddock stables with    100 Prims for 90 L$ Per Week     💰  PROMO 2 WEEKS AND RECEIVE 2 WEEKS FREE !!! 💰

                                                                              300 Prims for 250 L$ Per Week   💰 PROMO 2 WEEKS AND RECEIVE 2 WEEKS FREE !!!  💰

                                                                              500 Prims for 450 L$ Per Week   💰 PROMO 2 WEEKS AND RECEIVE 2 WEEKS FREE !!!  💰


You are welcome to become a member of a fresh new Breedables community in Second Life.

The Oasis Auction & Market is made by breeders for breeders.

To visit Oasis in world you can CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT to Oasis in world.


When you need help renting a stall or paddock you can IM paigepantheadestiny1 or Count Burks directly in world.


We are looking forward to see you at Oasis Auction & Market.


*Promo offer is available to new tenants only at Oasis Auction & Market. 

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Breedable stalls available at the new Auction & Market. Some stalls did already rent so come and get yours as well. You can IM Count Burks when you have any questions directly in world today.

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