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Rename "Land / General Discussion"

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Please @Linden Lab rename the General Discussion sub-forum under Land to keep if from being confused with the General Discussion under People.  For those of us that mostly read the forums from our notifications page, the two are pretty much indistinguishable from each other. 

Here is a small screenshot of my Notifications from a short bit ago.



There is only a one-word difference between the two highlight forums that are being posted in. Pretty much nobody can manage to remember which of those titles belong to which forum - ie..e which of those is the Land 'General Discussion"?


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Posted (edited)

pershap scan the whole landforum .. the region sections are also not very logicly named.
( if people really need the subtitle of a section to know where it's meant for the main name is wrong ..)

And while working on that, make also a better seperation between General and Adult content. The constant  advertising bumping en repost for escort clubs ( with open promotion for RL "action" )... doesn't belong in the general parts of the forum

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Posted (edited)

I created this thread in the Forum Feedback section because it really is 'feedback' on the forums.  Thus, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why LL moved it into General Discussion.

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To show that they will ignore it?
As in, no feedback, so no further action needed.

Or they want to get a broader discussion about it, best thing to do is to put it in a more lively environment then.
That is possible too, of course.

Added: And yes, I'm totally in favor of the proposed name change to General Land Discussion.
That would give less confusions IMHO.

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