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Are you looking for a job as a DJ, Host, Dancer, Escort, or Manager???

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Hello there! It is I the friendly Advertisement girl!

If you are looking for a job, feel free to come on down to Club Sabotage! They got Dancers, DJs, Hosts, but they are in need of more! 

They are friendly workplace and are offering to train those who do not know how to host or emote to dance and to escort if need be!

They are fierce and love corrupting peoples innocents cause come on now, when are we not so corrupted ;)

Club Sabotage is LGBQT+ friendly and accepts anyone who will apply, just please remember to be over 30 days and are over 18 irl to work this club!

Requirements need to work here are! 

»Is comfortable using Discord as a form of communication

» Is 30 days or over

» Is comfortable working 2-3 shifts a week

» Is of the age of 18 and older

» Has some Spirit to have some FUN!

If you are all interested please feel free to fill out this application and one of the GMs or Managers will be with you! » Club Sabotage Application (google.com)

The also have Applications on site! So please do not be afraid to go over to their location and get one, also they do have a Mall district that you can rent as well! So feel free to head on over there to explore! 

Location »http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Knieff/199/209/172

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