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47 minutes ago, Tigress Chandru said:

Any idea what the issue is? In my groups I have unchecked a.k.a hidden my group member list and yet.. it is still visible to people both inside and outside the group.. Thoughts? solutions

Unchecking that box simply keeps the group from showing when someone looks at your profile.   I've not had any issues with it --- works fine for my alts and I.

Anyone in the group will still be able to see your name via the Group Member list if the Group is set to allow showing the member list.

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14 minutes ago, Tigress Chandru said:

I am not referring to showing group in profile I am taking about when you have a group ( your owned group) and you do not want the members list to be " publicly revealed"

Ahh, gotcha. 

Go to the Roles tab in the Group Info and click each Role to verify the 'Reveal members' is not checked.  For any role that it is checked, any members that have that role will be visible.  You cannot prevent folks with the Owner role from being visible.

If all is not as it should be, it might be a bug.  Maybe start with a Support ticket, but you might need to open a JIRA.

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