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Twisted Paradise

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An eclectic artist's retreat, a home and playground for diverse interests.

Twisted Paradise offers an abundance of inspiration, activities, and fun to maximize all this life offers. Let the mists of creativity twist up and around as you wander through our magical forest.

Photographers and bloggers will appreciate the scenic beauty and fun backdrops sure, but so will people looking for a great place to have some exciting adventures!   There are bicycle rides, a working volleyball game, voice enabled area for a variety of board games, and even a zip line!  

Of course for sunbathers, lagoon swimmers, and picnic-having hikers there's plenty of interactive spots as well.

The AFK Kitty Cafe is already a favorite hideaway!  Our cat cafe is the cutest spot to visit while working. Relaxing music is provided for a tranquil setting to focus or escape.

And there is more! I haven't even talked about the gachas, the farmer's market or the cake shop!  Oh and there's a pirate's tavern, the mermaid reef, a steampunk powered skyscape!


Twisted Gallery



Twisted Paradise

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/twistedparadisesl

Discord: Twisted Paradise - https://discord.gg/dBYkbWndtD

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Yo! It's ya girl Suku with her favorite sim. And I don't just say that because I get paid. I just really like the people behind it, and believe in their endeavour. 
Time to hijack this thread and shower you with pictures! AND a landmark, lol. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lucame/46/137/23

We love arts in all forms - we host live singers and photographers - established ones and amateurs alike, Bloggers, DJ's, as well as hosting some great parties! Like one for the Pride Festival on June 26th - where you can win a rental for 2 months - the constest is "Best in Violet" and don't worry, I'm no competition, haha! :D On the following day we'll open up the second round of showing some of SL's talented people! :D



We got some rentals as well, different price and LI ranges, but reasonably cheap, first week is free, and if you want, we can furnish it for you. I already furnished some of them - Monetary cost stays the same, but the LI used is counted towards the rental.  I do also offer adjustments to any decoration I put out. So really it's just as much or little as anyone likes. 
Heres examples:

The Courtyard @ Twisted Paradise


Houseboat Rentals @ Twisted Paradise


We also have some really cozy spots to explore, cuddle and hangout! All in all, we got three levels now - the groundlevel,  which features our gallery, the farmers and gacha markets (I mean, I gotta get rid of all of mine somehow.), a nice beach, a mystical forest with glamping!

Glamping under the starry nightsky

In the middle, we got the Sky Islands, a big one, and slightly above it, the Skyplattforms, a steampunk/fantasy area where we host a party for the Pride Festival on June 26th.

Sky Islands


And on the toplevel, we got our japanese Garden, to sit, eat food (and stones, according to one dining set) Or just take a stroll on the bridges!
No picture yet, I'll work on that!

We also have an inworld group!

So yeah, come check it out, if you see any of us, feel free to say hi! We're a friendly bunch, we're open to anyone!
Also, if we're playing games, don't be shy, join us! I guarantee you, you'll likely win against me in any given game because dice absolutely hate me! (watch out for Luca tho, I think she bribes them!)

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Hello again! Time to bring some pictures of the top level of our floating isles, the japanese themed watergarden!

Japanese Garden

One of my personal favorites is the little dining area where you can dine on delicious stones, for additional Zen!

Fine Dining

And while we're at it, we're going to have another party!
This time, we're happy to have live musician FrankLee Anatra on board to perform, as well as DJ Lucavi Coutourier!
Come enjoy the music with us, while we oogle at some of SL's prettiest pictures taken by Bloggers and Photographers!

Twisted Paradise Presents - The Talent of Second Life!


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