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Roommates For Supernatural RP? p2.

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(Re-Posting because of the whole, cant edit old posts- thing)

We are still looking for roommates to join our small RP.
We live in a 10 bedroom house and still have some rooms available


Basic Plot:
We are supernatural creatures living in hiding, pretending to be humans to hide from hunters. We all moved in this house as roommates and it is now a safe house.


- We require you to be active in the house, since keeping empty rooms hurts the RP and makes it hard on other roommates.

- Most of the characters right now are between 18-25 years old, but any age is fine.
(Ofc vampires/hybrids/etc are allowed to have their super age, but this is just the age theyre pretending to be/the age they were turned)

- The RP itself is basically just basic roommate/family RP.

- You can decorate your room how ever you want, or we can decorate it for you.
(Amount of prims depends on amount of rent you pay)

1,000L/Month - 100 Prims
1,500L/Month - 150 Prims
2,000L/Month - 200 Prims

- You can choose to be: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Hybrid, Mermaid or Fairy. Other options are OK too, these are just the basic ones we know.
(We want to keep the RP kind of realistic with a bit of supernatural side and dont want overpowering characters)

- Some of us have Bloodline huds and there is bloodline vendors at the house. These for everyone to use.

- Theres no power battles etc, we dont out-power each other in this house, no drama or fighting.

IM me inworld for more information! Ask questions below or by message ^,...,^

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