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kupra - need boob deformer suggestions


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boob deformer suggestions needed...

is there any 'deformer' i can get to control the actual shape of the boobs for kupra bodies?  The kupra butt shape is fine with me and i have no issues with the butt at all.

Is the deformer for the Session V-Bento ***** the only deformer out there people are recommending for Kupra?  Cuz thats the only one I see talked about in past forums.


The kupra body with small boobs...  I like the kupra body with smaller boobs. But, I'd like to control the boob shape more.  I'm not fond of the boob 'shape'.

I also like the original kupra body... But, when i make the boobs 'smaller' with the slider the shape of the boobs gets very 'odd.'  Same issue....  I don't like the 'shape' of the boobs.

Appreciate any help or suggestion.

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I know of several deformers which will control the amount of uplift or sag, and the amount of clevage, but none that change the actual shape. I don't see how this could even be possible in SL without getting a different mesh body. Some bodies are just not designed to make use of the full range of sliders (for example Maitreya won't go below about 15 on the size slider without "breaking" and for Hourglass the lower limit is even higher.

That said, Halasy Klaxon has a few that have varying effects that you might want to try. Here's one example. Second Life Marketplace - Avatar Clinic - Breasts Enhancers :: Breasts Flattener set DEMO

I've never tried Kupra but they work well on Maitreya. You might want to try using a flattener deformer on a higher slider-number.

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