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AT THE BEACH - 3072m/1054 Prims - WAS: L$10875 to buy NOW L$8700 -- Rent WAS L$900 NOW L$ 765 PW

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At The Beach (furnished)
Beach (land/water)
3072 Sq.m / 1054 Prims
Buy Price - L$ 10875
Rent Price - L$ 900 PW
A good size jungle beach with a boat dock and a luxury Skybox penthouse at 4047m. Near unblocked and protected LL Channel waters. 

This offer is good for 10 days.

The rent price will remain the same at L$765 as long as renewal payments are made on time.


Strong Sales and Rentals Showroom


Snapshot _ At The Beach, Lilypad (91, 215, 4049) - Moderate.png

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