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New Club Looking for DJs and Dancers! @Sweet Kawaii Bois Club {No experience necessary!!}

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Sweet Kawaii Bois Club is a catering to people who love men and kawaii things. We aim to be drama-free and to just have a good time. We welcome guests of all gender identities and sexual orientations here. We would love to have you come work for us!! If you have any limitations to what you are comfortable with, just let us know. We want this to be a safe environment for everyone involved.

We are looking for people who are friendly, would love to join text-chat with others (voice not required), and enjoy dancing for them too. We are open to male avatars of any body type (including but not limited to anime, femboy, furry, chubby, etc.). We only ask that they have an adult appearance at all times. No experience? No problem! Tip jars are provided. Dancers receive 100% of tips!

We are also looking for DJs! There will be a focus on electro/electro-pop/rock music, but we are open to other genres as well! Honestly, we just want something to dance to. New to being a DJ? No worries! No experience necessary! Tip jars are provided. DJs receive 100% of tips!

Freelance dancers are totally welcome! We're still trying to set our hours, so just let us know. We wouldn't want you to be there awkward and alone XD

Check out the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bassenthwaite/186/209/1995

Are you interested? Have questions? Feel free to reach out inworld: druhorror or sgwhispers or reply below!!

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Just wanted to message you here too - I am interested in both dancing and DJ'ing. 

I have a few years experience with both of these jobs at multiple venues, and I have my own server @ 320kbps for DJ'ing. 

Feel free to contact me in world!



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Would really like to apply for either host or dancer (both even). I have previous experience over the years, but unfortunately a lot of the clubs I worked at tanked not long after. I'm always free, so I can be contacted inworld whenever.

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