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Sansara's southern river

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I'm new to the forum so apologies if this is old news or mis-posted, but this morning I sailed the length of Sansara's southern 'polar' river from Montantola to Miller. I had to 'edit' my boat to the top of two 75' waterfalls and over two ice floes that blocked short stretches of the river, and I hit only one short stretich that was too shallow for my Shields' 10' draft. But I was surprised that I didn't hit any ban lines or security orbs. The rez point at the start is underneath a bait shop, but my boat floated to the middle of the shop and I edited it into open water. (Curiously, I must have been about 150' (the two 75' waterfalls) higher at the 'lake' in Miller than at the sea level when I started at Monantola, although I think you can sail from the 'lake' in Miller to the outside of Sansara without dropping down the 150'. I thought 'sea level' was even all over SL.)

Anyway, I just wanted to share something in return for all the great posts I've been reading here. 

Sansara's southern river.png

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Adventuring in SL is FUNNNN ! Glad you are enjoying ! I am going to send you my instrument panel inworld as a gift to hopefully aid your enjoyment  - just right click it in inv and choose 'add'  :D


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