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On 5/25/2021 at 10:22 AM, Chris Nova said:

Do you read all the comments or just mine? I am glad Slink is still somewhat supported but I'm def not wrong.

Yeah, you are wrong. Embarrassing, I know. You said, "No ones making anything new for Slink..." and that is wrong. Deal with it.

Since I use Slink I am acutely aware of how much support Slink does and doesn't get. Which events you go to makes a huge difference in the amount of Slink compatible items you'll find. I am often finding designers supporting Slink that are new to me. The Flickr group is the most comprehensive list of Slink designers I've seen. Until I saw it I got most of my new designers from events.

16 hours ago, Chris Nova said:

I dont know why youre confused. Saying its not supported as far as clothes and shoes go is more or less saying the same thing I said. If you go to shopping events, its pretty much non-existent. Obviously, youre right and theres still some support for it but not where I go. 

Obviously... but your narrow experience and then authoritative statements based on it made you look silly. SL is more complex and varied. Your statement that "pretty much non-existent" is an opinion. Lots of us disagree with and have a different opinion.

For those trying to decide if they want to get Slink... there are more designers making stuff for the Freya, Legacy, and the noodle-shoulder Maitreya. Doubt many will contest they have good support and more designers than Slink. But, I don't that anyone one has counted. So, while we might be as wrong as Chris, I doubt it. With the rest of the body brands, I suspect which has more support is a matter of opinion based on where they shop. Plus which body one wears give you a bias. Most of us look to see if OUR body is supported. To a lesser extent we may notice the other brands but even then it isn't our focus. So when speaking of which body has support, it is more of a statement of what we remember of what we noticed. What we noticed is whether that awesome dress is made for our brand. Since I shop for Slink, I know Chris is clueless.

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Clothes you should really only buy now are from the Weekend sale events. Join the groups "Fifty Linden Fridays" (50L every Friday), "ACCESS Updates" and "-SATURDAY SALE SHOPPERS-" (60L and 75L every Saturday). On those days, just open the group and check the "Notice" Tab and get the Notecard and you will have a list of store with SURLs/Landmarks/Picture of Item on Sale. You can get skin and hair from these event also but would say the higher quality ones are worth it as there rarely any good skin/hair in these events.

I would put more money toward Mesh Head and Body (LeLukta or Catwa HEADS) (KUPRA, Legacy, Maitreya BODIES), Skin (Skinnery, Deetalez, Insol, Amara Beauty, Pumec, Pepe SKINS) and Hair (DOUX, Stealthic, Truth, Yumyum, Tram). DOUX hair is by far the favorite because they are quite high quality and much cheaper than everyone else because they give you all colors

Find the Mesh Head and Body you suit most.

There is DEMOs for everything usually

I seen comment about Slink Body, I use to main Slinky Hourglass Body and have noticed a drastic drop of store supporting the body so I have already moved on to KUPRA Body as my main body when it had a Launch Release/Black Friday sale. I would most likely recommend Maitreya, if you want a bigger body then Legacy/Kupra but at basically double the cost.

Another thing I like about other bodies that Slink/Kupra lack is able to alpha on the hud without alpha layers. Since no one is supporting Slink Hourglass and most of the clothes were built around relying on alpha on the hud before, most of the clothes don't fit unless you make your own alpha. Kupra is a new body so designer are starting to release alpha with new clothes or clothes just tend to fit better on the body.

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I recommend the ebody curvy body. There is a lot of support for this body. It's great for getting that thickness with soft curves. 


The 2nd I'm adding as a link only with no preview since bums and breasts can be seen. This one is recent, talking about new bakes on mesh skins for in collaboration with Mystery, for ebody and other body brands. The skins also include a chubby option, which can be seen in the photo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/133873458@N04/49671469001/in/dateposted/

For the head, I love Lelutka. There is more customization, the detail is amazing, no lag in the hud and constant updates. With their new evolution x head line, your bento ears can wiggle and there are ear jewelry and ear tattoos across the grid. https://www.flickr.com/photos/15634428@N06/ They use Discord for all updates and communications only now. The evo x heads are on the 1st and 2nd row of their photostream. Very realistic resolution on these new heads, using its own special uv map to make a richer resolution.

This photo below is a raw photo selfie of me, with the evo x briannon head, on ultra graphics, wearing one of the included skins in the folder and using personal lighting with an eep light,






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forgot to mention, you get human ears too. and the hair is by magika, made specifically for the evo x heads. edit 2: forgot to say that lelutka comes with a TON of animated and static animations as well as talking and mouth too, all in the same hud!
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 229 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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