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A huge part of SL is clothing. Clothing is the largest industry in SL. Literally tens of millions of US$. So, Rowan gave you the catalogue of SL merchandise, the Marketplace (MP). Since you are new I'll point out that the marketplace is not a complete listing of what is in SL. Personally I suspect not even half of what is available is in the MP. And new stuff, just released... I think you'll find that in-world before you see it in the MP.

Notice the tabs at the top of the MP pages. You can search on a specific merchant and see all their products. Try a merchant or two you like and that has the "See in-world" link at the end of the product description. Visit their in-world store. Most merchants have more stuff in-world than in the MP or at least I think that is the case. Make your own comparison.

Another point for the new... try a demo of everything before buying it. All products are made by residents aka users. They have different levels of talent and skill and it shows in their products. Also, there are scams here just as in RL.

There is 16 years of development in SL. So there is really old stuff and new stuff. With the demos you can see when something was made.

In those years the tech in SL has changed a lot. Recently BOM (Bakes On Mesh) was introduced. BOM tech eliminates the need for appliers. So in picking out things for your avatar avoid appliers. Once you figure out how things work you can mix BOM and appliers.


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1. Lelutka's website,


Lelutka - Designer Ads only - official store group


Lelutka's Flickr to view the male heads to buy,


2. Meshbody's website,


Meshbody - Legacy - Designer Ads only - official store group


Meshbody - Legacy - Adult designer ads only - official store group


Meshbody - Legacy - photo gallery - personal photos of customers wearing their bodies - official store group


Unofficial Flickr group - for Legacy male designer ads only


3. This Is Wrong store - must enable advanced lighting model in graphics in preferences to see the materials on the tattoos.

The store also creates animated tattoos.

Very high quality. My favorite tattoo store. Eva releases content constantly.

Store blog with all links(store and social media) under the Youtube video,


Store FB page


Store Flickr,



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