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{PEACOCKS} Gentlemen's Club is Hiring - {Great Perks}

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ūü¶öHave you got what it takes to become one of the highest earning escorts/dancers in SL?ūü¶ö

We are hiring dancers/escorts (text,voice & cam) for the new and exclusive {PEACOCKS} Gentlemen's Club. You do not need to have any dancer/escorting experience prior, just the right attitude, a jaw dropping avatar and the ability to para role play. We are happy and excited to be training new ladies in this wonderful industry, so please don't feel intimidated by the role if you are new. 


About Us:

Peacocks is one of the most opulent & lavish strip clubs in Second Life, with it's decadent interiors and world-class entertainment. Reminiscent of the early 1920's art deco scene, the cotton club or speakeasy. Showcasing acts such as the finest striptease's, sensual escorts, live performances and much much more behind closed doors! Peacocks skillfully combines the art of tease with the exclusivity of a private gentlemen's club. Definitely not a venue that you will only want to visit once! 


For full information or to visit us inworld, please visit our website below: 



We can not wait to meet you and welcome you to our family. Please select the button below that will take you to the application page. 



Employee Perks

We want all our employees to feel valued while working for us which is why we offer reward schemes, training programs and perks to ensure you know you are appreciated and cared for. Here are some of the benefits you will receive while working for us: 

Debutantes in Training

  • ¬†You do not need to pay for an ad board while training with us. We understand our training weeks can be hard work and we certainly do not want to profit from training our potential new stars.¬†

Girl of the Week 

  • This is not judged on earnings alone but also judges on how much this lady gets involved in the club and her fellow ladies. Along with having her photo in the Main Room, she will earn a cash prize as well as¬†receive¬†a complimentary week hire on her ad board.¬†

Duchess of the Month

  • This is our biggest award for the highest earning girl in the month. This wonderful lady will¬†receive¬†a large cash prize from the club, her photo in the Main Room as well as a month paid for on one of our rental properties. She will also be the head dancer at our next upcoming event.¬†


  • There will be a variety of incentives to win cash prizes, free rentals and special perks throughout your time with us. Prizes can range from 500L - 10,000L

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1 hour ago, ShawtiesLoveMe said:

Pls contact me im interested. My sl name is


Looking forward to your response thank you have a great one

You should probably read and follow the instruction for hiring that are IN the ad.

This is their application.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 72 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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