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Artists wanted to share my grandfathered sim at cost

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I own a grandfathered sim (30,000 prim)- going on 4 years now. In that time I have always rented out the land (20,000 prim) and air up to 3500 meters. I keep rights to build on a full sim platform with my 10,000 prim as I own an art build on the platform at the height of 3900 meters.

My long term tenant is leaving SL and I am looking for artists, social activists to rent from me at (very close) to my cost. I will be renting 1/4 sims with 5,000 prim at 2300 Lindens per week.(9200 Lindens per month)

If any artist or organization is looking for a place to build, this is for you. Any questions feel free to get a hold of me.wof_001.thumb.png.c6b0331e3c236185702f71ec61e94dab.png

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