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On 8/27/2021 at 5:15 PM, asteriddle said:

for heads there's actually quite a variety! the most commonly known i think are the heads by utilizator (m3(nonbento)/m4(bento) venus+mars+anime+anniemay+chibi) , and these have the most skin support, with some skins being cross compatible across heads and ALL eyes being cross compatible.
there's a LOT more you can find just by doing a MP search for 'anime head' , most are nonbento but theres a few other bento ones

the second most popular from what i've witnessed and the head i personally use if the ASR aeon/alitheia (same texture/hud, just one looks a bit more 'mature') - has a very robust expression hud, more robust than the m4, but overall has less skin support (the uv map is kinda weird)

in the past a lot of anime avs used the utilizator bodies (namely kemono but also AV 2.0), but since those bodies have kind of gone out of date with both technical terms and clothing support terms, most people just find any old mainstream / niche body to use, depending on their tastes. stores usually make matching skins for BOM/LLUV to match with anime head skins they've made, but not always, so mixing and matching head and body skins usually happens

yeah i sometimes regret buying avatar 2.0 and m4 venus & mars heads. personally i feel limited in clothes, skins, etc alot trying to recreate my ocs in sl using these.i could switch my utilizator bodies and heads to bom with the relay, but im reluctant as ive spent a lot of money already on applier skins already.

i made miku using the m4 venus but ended up using my maitreya body since i had a bom skin that had a m4 applier. but sadly getting my dude that uses the avatar 2.0 body and m4 mars head has been more of a challenge. theres also the mekot head which i like too, it has cat girl vibes. mekot head is bom too so theres that

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