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Mainland needs an ambient illumination boost

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Daytime mainland, default, around 10 AM, in Langdale. Too dark for daytime. Almost like a partial solar eclipse - hard shadows, but dark.

There's a bench in front of the coast guard station, and you can't see it.



Daytime mainland, same time, ambient illumination boosted to boosted to 90. Better. Now you can see the bench, and the shadows are still visible.

This is a leftover problem from EEP. By mistake, the default mainland EEP settings were set too dim. Unfortunately, LL didn't implement a tool to go back and change them in bulk. So mainland has been too dim since EEP. That still needs to be fixed. It's a minor change; just boost "ambient a bit.

If you use "personal lighting" to override this, you stop the day cycle for yourself and basically turn off EEP.

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Copy the "Default" day cycle from Library > Environments > Days to your Settings folder. Right-click on it and "apply only to myself", which will persist after logins for users of most third party viewers. Now, why doesn't LL simply set all mainland regions to "Default"?

In case one is curious, "Default" daycycle is simply a set of skies that start with "A" in the Library > Environments > Skies folder: A-12AM, A-3AM, A-6AM, etc. Whatever day cycle mainland regions are currently set to, it's definitely not based on the Default.

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Setting your own environment does not fix the problem. Then, places which have good custom environments, such as New Babbage, are overridden.

Is there a JIRA entry for this bug? It's been brought up at Server User Group, acknowledged by the Lindens, but stuck because someone needs to code a tool to change mainland region defaults globally.

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On 5/14/2021 at 12:46 PM, animats said:

Setting your own environment does not fix the problem

I never said it did. You described a manual ambient lighting setting increase, and I described how to use the true Default day cycle. I was not disagreeing with you. The current mainland day cycle is too dark, aside from the one used in Bellisseria. However, if you insist on waiting for LL to fix the mainland day cycle, I'm sure they'll get around to it soon™.

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