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Looking for a couple of (male) avatar components...

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Hi! I'm looking for two things (maybe three?)

First would be a male body that doesn't have sculpted abs. I'm trying to go for a chubby dad bod look. So far I've tried Jake an Legacy M and of the two, Legacy M is definitely smoother but still really toned in it's sculpt. I'm using Lelutka Luka if that helps. (Additionally, do any of the male mesh bodies available use BoM?)

As for the second thing, I'm looking for a specific type of haircut. Doesn't need to be perfect, it probably won't be, but I'm looking for a loose mohawk with some curls or waves. If it's closer to an undercut, crew cut or sideshave that is fine too, I'm mostly just having a lot of trouble finding hair with the right amount of texture. The closest I've been able to find is Adoness Loki, but when I used the demo it's just so voluminous and looks kind of funny on a male head. Another close one is Action Inkubator Von, but it's pin straight... something between the two would be perfect if it exists!

adoness : loki : DEMOAction Inkubator Hair Von DEMO

I also am interested in finding this hair:

>AESIR< Okami Shape (LeLutka Skyler)

Thanks for any suggestions you can give :)

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Slink male body is less toned than its competitors and may be worth demoing to see if you can get the look you want. It uses BOM. Legacy also uses BOM, Signature too, Jake via a relay you can pick up in the store.

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