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Mainland Premium Properties

👇Check out some new available parcels for sale below👇


if you whish to let the prims there its your choice and can return it everytime you need to

• Type: Protected Riverfront with Road access
• Surface: 512 sqm.
• Capacity: 175 prims
• Location: Jeogeot - Rason
• Price: L$ 7500,-


• Type: Protected Oceanfront with Sunrise view
• Surface: 1024 sqm.
• Capacity: 351 prims
• Location: Jeogeot - Almo Bay
• Price: L$ 15500,-

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Almo Bay/247/237/22

• Type: Protected Riverfront with Ocean access
• Surface: 1024 sqm.
• Capacity: 351 prims
• Location: Jeogeot - Morkeleb
• Price: L$ 11500,-


• Type: Protected Riverfront with Ocean access
• Surface: 2048 sqm.
• Capacity: 703 prims
• Location: Atoll - Tecta
• Price: L$ 25500,-


Pls. check out our NEW office for more info or for buisiness talk

coffee is ready to consume click the logo below


Headquarters and Landstore. Specializing in Adult, General and Moderate mainland with double prim and protected waterfront premium feel like locations, Explore the our kiosks for a compleet list of parcels available for sale and rent.


☎ Support: Taqessa / ShogunJoness / sraprillia10 Streeter


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