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French Maid Dance Party & A lot of open sets to use

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I just started using Shotcut and used a bunch of SL footage for the exercises. It turned into a fun little video. For a free video editor it's not bad at all.

French Maid Dance Party

There's a good sized Circus & Sideshow set up @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werenfort/144/92/1266

There's a high wire with animesh performers and some other animesh actors around. They are my work and you can use them and the set in videos without restrictions.

And my Sound stage @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werenfort/141/96/1487

currently has a fancy feminine bedroom, an outdoor sauna, a grungy little garage, a Steampunk/ Victorian office and a blue screen stage, all set up, and if anyone wants to use them before I strike it all feel free. I can leave it up for a week or two if needed, got nothing scheduled so have at it!


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Yes. That is one of the reasons I started using Shotcut. It has a "decent" chromakey filter. At a couple points I had 14 tracks open for all the separate FX and that was about all this PC could handle.

I set up a simple Green screen from prims but the blue screen actually worked better for me. It depends on what you're laying it over for a background.

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Right on, i also have a couple of different colored prims. I prefer green screen but black and blue are sometimes needed. I have never had 14 tracks open, I find it's sometimes helpful to mix down a couple of tracks, layer FX over it a few times, mix down and keep going until I have what I want. But even my hardest VFX shots have never required 14 tracks. That must be a LONG load time

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It was! And playback speed was super sketch. I did end up creating a few base FX for just that reason. Like the glitter bomb transition, that was all black screen particles in SL and layered into a key-framed explosion. Instead of one for each of the 3 dancers like I originally had, I made 1 for all 3, that cut out 2 tracks for that transition. I gotta learn all these tricks 😃

I've started using proxy files and I've turned on playback scaling. That helped the preview speed a little. I may just switch to DaVinci now before I get to stuck on this UI.


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