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        Welcome to .TheEstate. Adult Community 
                            Est. March 2020
                 Outset Island (225, 191, 777)
 "An innocent looking-place where nothing is as it seems"


.TheEstate. is a diverse mix of personalities and desires, set in a island town environment on the ground level (.OutsetIsland.) and a more urban setting (.PortCity.) on a second level. This is a place where you can allow your imagination to run free, using the settings and props provided throughout.

For those who enjoy turning innocent environments into something more ''interesting''. Plenty of public spots to enjoy on both levels.

This seemingly well-mannered community has many skeletons in its closet. Either you like to be predator or prey. Come build your story! 



All rentals are at a 1L/1prim ratio!

Rentals at .PortCity.
Killer's Motel Rooms - 50L/50prims week
TeddyJunior Apartments - 100L/100prims week
TeddyJunior Apartments - 200L/200prims week
Shultz Bros Duplexes - 300L/300prims week
Shultz Bros Penthouse - 350L/350prims week






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