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Why does Blender always export my Collada dae as x transferred to z and visa versa

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This is the norm in the world of 3D-apps, 3DCrafter and Sketchup also use a different order of the axes. I think the origin is in maths where typically the X axis is viewed as running left to right along the paper, and so Applications using the maths basis will view the Z axis is going into the paper. Others will view the Y axis as going into the paper and the Z axis as going up the paper.

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My blender shows correct axis why when it gets into LSL is z swapped for x?:
The strange thing is its only reported in scripting that  is wrong  any ideas please? As you saw prof the axis are correct on object. Why does scripting make a mess of them? It happens to all my imports so there must be something. 

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What part of your script is telling you Z is swapped for X? Are you perhaps asking for the orientation of one particular attachment relative to its bone instead of the world orientation? Z = UP is the one world direction that is consistent between Blender and SL.

Also, make sure you are using the correct sim coordinates and orientation, especially the angles. These are the angles you will get if you call llGetRot() (and convert from quaternions to Euler form and then convert the Z spin from radians to degrees) to determine which way your avatar is facing.


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