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For the second time in as many weeks my home region has restarted twice in 12 hours, neither of them initiated by myself (I am the sole estate manager for the region) and not a whisper from LL.

So I ask:  What is going on?

Since there has been no announcement of a Rolling Restart schedule for this week, I must assume that the server version rolled to the RC channels last Wednesday is not being promoted.  So what is happening to Main Server channel?  Has the Grid-poking Bot been on the rampage again?

I know (I was told) that a restart to individual regions on a sim-server does not affect the others sharing that host, so this must have been a host restart.  Why?

ETA 12:20pm PDT:  OK so I was wrong...the second restart updated the server version to 558586 so that's correct now.

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I've also seen two restarts this morning. I think you have to just sigh and accept it in the basis of one, some or all of

1) It's their service, they're doing what they feel is necessary

2) It's better having such restarts than not, (remember the failure of the grid-poking bot?)

3) Possibly they're short-staffed over the May-day weekend and the announcements got missed.

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