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* MarkLand * 4096 sqm and 2048 sqm Grass Roadside Plots for Rent or for Sale in Jsindo *

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* MarkLand 4096 sqm and 2048 sqm Grass Roadside Land for Rent or for Sale in Jsindo *

Land Rights Included.

Protected Roadside plots beside Route 9 Jsindo REZ ZONE. The 2048 sqm plot is the Perfect Regular Shape. You can rent them or buy them, the choice is yours. There's a rent box in the corner of each plot, or you can buy them through the 'About land' window.

Come and have a look:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jsindo/229/107/66   4096 sqm   1406 prims

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jsindo/176/70/66   2048 sqm   703 prims

* MarkLand * Land Sales and Land Rentals on the Mainland

MarkLand currently has land ranging from tiny 16 sqm plots to 8192 sqm and has over seven years' experience in selling and renting land. There's always a great selection of sizes and prices available for SALE or RENT. Residential, Commercial, Skybox, GTFO, Drivers, Aura, DFS, Farm & Breedables welcome. When you're looking for any kind of mainland go to the MarkLand office:


for the latest list of available land

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