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Bon Temps City (Roleplay City)

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A Trueblood series based roleplay with a bit of a twist no one has seen before Bon Temps is different than anyone has seen...


In the midst of starting over in this Southern urban town of Bon Temps, You would find yourself surrounded by various things that are fun to enjoy. From the local bar to the adult district where things could be a one night of fun or longterm to the local Voodoo shop that is ran by a cult of demon worshippers who thrive on corrupting souls to sell to the local demonic horde in town. You could find yourself living the life as a bar worker at Merlotte's bar & grill located in the intersection of Bon Temps City... but down the street gets a bit more interesting the bookstore with a newspaper that thrives on giving the town lively updates on various news and local gossip who knows what you could find right next to the seedy hole a bit of a place where a quick amount of fun with some random stranger may indulge into your own desires...

What do you think you would find in this strange town? Vampires? Werewolves, Fairies? Who knows this town is full of supernatural creatures you might just enjoy it a bit more. The themes are bit extreme but full to fill whatever you desire... Just think this would be the best place to call home if you desire to live here with a full furnished apartment...

What are you looking for? A job as a bartender? A job as a street worker looking for the next client? Anything could happen come on down make your dreams come true...all we ask is for you to follow the rules we have...

1.) No child or small like avatars everyone must represent the age of 18+ due to the nature of the roleplay content that is erotic but fun!

2.) No furries or animal avatars around.(Werewolves are fine and shapeshifters but all creatures must have a human form to blend in). 

3.) Bloodlines are allowed but keep the biting or attacking without being annoying (i.e don't pressure people into joining your clan or family or random attack someone without asking that is disrespectful to people who don't want to be pressured into being bitten or attacked).

4.) Be yourself, Enjoy the creative roleplay aspect and have fun! Create your own character and take on the path you desire!


Given the fact this is a bloodlines friendly place we always welcome non bloodline players to enjoy the city, if anything persists with the constant bloodline problems rules are enforced that everyone must follow. 

Want to just take a look before joining? Come by the landmark down below given who knows you might just enjoy this wonderful town of fun!

Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aspen Pines/194/7/21

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