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Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone.

Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"?

Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets.

Friendly staff and residents
No premium account needed
Protected by covenant
Child safe and family friendly

•LIFE2 & BEYOU compatibility
•Quaint shops and restaurants
•Daily Community Events
•Bowling alley
•Usable Roads
•Gas Station

•Zooby and Funsie friendly 

Role Play
•Police Department
•Fire Department
•Role-play money system

We have parcels with the latest homes. 

Website Website

Teleport to: Welcome Center 


ROOST - North Yarrow House
#43 Edgewater Drive
900  usable prims

more prims can be added







[REZ] The Alston Park

39 Edgewater Drive
800 usable prims  

more prims can be added

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Newport Keys/204/30/25




37 Edgewater Drive 
800 usable Prims

more prims can be added

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Newport Keys/204/88/25



Galland Homes - Lauren Valley 
#2 Kingstown road
800 usable prims 

more prims can be added




ROOST - Lake Side 

#110 Cottage Street
400 usable prims 

more prims can be added






ROOST - Mitchell Park House

#1 Giano Drive
1200 usable prims 

more prims can be added

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rocky Point/164/136/25



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