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Ripped animations?

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Hello , I always look for good animations to put in my furniture, obviously full perm , recently I stumbled into a set of AOS I bought that were full perm , after trying the first I bought several to take the animations inside and use for my own items, but then I realized that the price was too good for beeing normal so now I am fearing that those animations I put in my items might heave been ripped by some other legit creator, I have checked the profile of the creators of those animations and one has 7 months old profile , payment info and not much else, the other has 5 months old payment info and no pics , no groups nothing , so my suspects increase...

What should I do ? I am in fear now of using those animations in my items what you sugest me to do?

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There ARE free to use and resell etc animations out there for SL.  So it is possible that they uploaded legally even if not the content creator. We used to see the same animations more often in the past (or "I" did anyway). Some of the top animators have uploaded these (again in the past). So they aren't NECESSARILY stolen.  Certainly  -- possibly -- NOT handmade.   

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Do your due-diligence to verify the legitimacy of the assets in question, send the creator an IM if you have doubts.

Beyond that, the best you can do for your customers is be prepared should the assets in question be removed, and enable your customers to easily get an updated product.

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On 5/6/2021 at 8:12 AM, Naiman Broome said:

I checked two animators and they said its not theirs, now I dunno of others that make mocap animations, can youtell me the name of some?

ALso if there are any good animators that make mocap animations full perm? I bought al lot from Abranimations but not found others that make mocap .

You could try Kabuki Creations


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