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how to change my username


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There is no way to do exactly what you want.  Here are your options:

1. Use a Display Name. You can make any Display Name you want and change it as often as once per week. Your username will not change, and people will still be able to see it if they want, but most people will call you by your Display Name.

2. Create a new account with a new username. We call these alternate accounts, or "alts". It's easy to do, just sign up again the same way you signed up initially. You can transfer any $L and any transferable items to the new account. You don't have to delete your current account, and in fact I recommend that you don't.

3. Buy a new user name. This requires a Premium membership, and an additional fee. Plus, you can only choose from among the list of last names that are currently available. Your name will be a first name of your choice and one of the list of last names, provided that combination hasn't already been taken.

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