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Hey! I'm Kay,

I'm fairly new to second life, so I've been looking for work to support me further into this platform. I am open into learning so I can be perfect for whatever job you reach out to me for. I prefer to only chat to people through text, but I am open to voice chat opportunities! I have a decent avatar, I do plan on tweaking it as much as I can so I can look better, and I am of legal age to do any job. Please message me with details and offers!

My username on Second Life: Kayvrsa

My discord tag: Kayvr#2849

Thank you for your time ❤️

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Tired of feeling let down when you apply at clubs? Your avatar not fully mesh? You avatar age now over the required limit? Don't worry! Midnight Sins is a NEW freelance club everybody is welcome to. What's the catch? 10L to join the Staff group is all we ask. You set your own stage & escorting prices.

A few simple rule we ask you to follow:

* Must be over 18 in RL & SL
* Never IM a guest first.
* Greet everyone that visits.
* Always be respectful.
* Please use the correct pronouns. Do not assume their gender.
* No sex in the main club area. Use the private rooms.
* Have fun!

Information: We don't have rules against nudity or avatars outside of the fact you must look adult. You can be a naked guest. You can be a male or female or andro avatar. You can be a furry. We welcome all adults.


Staff Group secondlife:///app/group/ec9cdb83-51b4-2fa8-616b-f8272574378c/about

VIP Group secondlife:///app/group/3b176883-a2a9-dd56-cf42-f1e108e2b27c/about

Surl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gloomy Mountains/237/226/2509

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✦* HEXED Dance Club is currently hiring Hosts, DJs and freelance dancers!  *✦


Come be part of our friendly team where we work to provide the best possible environment for our staff. We allow a wide range of genres, such as Industrial, EBM, EDM and Rock! We're a top 10 EBM club!

DJ and Host positions receive 100% Tips!

Available host slots:

  • Currently needing cover hosts!

Available DJ slots:

  • Currently needing cover DJs!

No experience as a host? No problem! We'll fully train you so you're ready to host some of our awesome DJs!

Check out the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchanted Land/209/196/3000

Apply here: https://forms.gle/QxAUM3tAQED8gDNV7

Freelance dancers need not apply! You create your own schedule! Just reach out to the names below, and we can set you up to start dancing ASAP!

Questions? Please reach out inworld: Remi Atheria or Cal Evergarden

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HexedClub.SL

Follow us on Discord: https://discord.gg/2ajmF3ZKrx 

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