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We Want YOU and Belli Groups!! for 5 days of Bellisseria HopeFest

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Hello Bellisserian Friends, I am copying this notecard to the forums here for a group that really needs our support. If you have time and would like to volunteer, please contact the listed people below. - Pru



I am Tara Tisane of HopeFest.. I am helping AnnaLise & Stevie with the Bellisseria HopeFest :)

->> We will be holding a 5 day HopeFest Community Festival running June 9, 10, 11, 12, 13  (that is 3 days before Relay and over Relay Weekend itself).  It is comprised of a variety of different communities in SL each having their own region, and  Bellisseria community is part of HopeFest!  Planning is currently underway for HopeFest - Bellisseria.  We are looking for some Bellisserians who would like to help us for our 5 days!  Music, Boating, Shopping, Mer, Horses, entertainers, the best of Belli! <<-

~ Are you a live entertainer? Or is design your strong suit? Maybe you are a merchant? Perhaps horseback riding is your favorite? Sailing or motor boating is thing? Bring your interest and skill to REPRESENT Belli!  

If your Bellissaria group holds meetings ...why not plan to hold your meeting at the Bellissaria hopefest region? 

Let us know by contacting STEVIE BASEVI (her calling card is below):

Stevie Morane Basevi (stevie.basevi) ~ Bellisseria HopeFest Co-Lead (AnnaLise's Co-lead ) & HopeFest Community Lead
and AnnaLise Peccable ~ Bellisseria HopeFest Lead 

In Hope,

Tara Tisane
HopeFest Community Lead

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