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how do i convert my regular wave file into one that will upload into sl seems a different type


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If you'd like to convert audio to proper format (and generally play with audio files), then I'd strongly suggest you to use Audacity. You can easily both make sure that the project is using the correct sampling and that file/s have correct length. In the main application's window, in lower left corner, you can preview how a file would sound in different kHz...


You can change the actual sampling in Tracks -> Resample (you are probably looking for that)...


And at the end, in Analyze -> Regular Interval Labels you can split audio to 9.9 seconds fragments/labels...



... which you can nicely export with File -> Export multiple:


Footnote: I'm using Audacity 2.x. For 3.x some of these tools are in different menus, like the Regular Interval Labels feature.

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