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Looking for a white/grey/light blue skin for Maitreya & Lelutka

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Hi! I've been looking for a white, grey or light blue BoM skin for Maitreya & Lelutka. I'm also using V-tech but if the skin isn't made for that that's fine. Additionally my Letluka head is Avalon, so evo or evo x will work.

The first skin applier included with Maitreya is a great start but it's not BoM (I don't think, at least-- I'm new to BoM but it doesn't seem to be working that way) and plus, I can't match the head to it.

I have some extensive mod experience as well so if it's something I need to make myself, just a finger pointed in the right direction towards making custom BoM skins would be fantastic, I've gotten so mixed up and lost trying to learn all of this and find the information I need.

Thanks for any help!

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54 minutes ago, Maitimo said:

Petrichor (formerly called Plastik) has a range of coloured skins in about 200 colours including about a dozen shades of blue. They aren't on the MP but you can find them here: 


It's one of my dreams in SL to own them all... 

I love the smell of that store!

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8 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

These are awesome, thank you so much. I was having zero luck looking up color names on the market!

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10 hours ago, Jennifer Boyle said:

I have had some fun with semi-transparent colored tattoo layers worn over a normal skin.

They are easy to make.

Would they serve your purpose?

I checked this out. It's definitely great for tweaking already blue toned skins, but from a natural range, tinting it blue it looks pretty weird. But a good tip all the same, thank you!

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7 Deadly S[k]ins has some fantasy color skin packs rotating in their $L 1 skin board. I'm sure these are also for sale in the store. 

Lumae has 2 free blue-white group gift skins and other colors for sale in the store and at the Fantasy Faire.

Of course, you can also try Fallen Gods, in the store and at the Fantasy Faire. They always have tons of fantasy color skins.

As always, demo to see if you like a skin on your avatar's head and/ or shape.


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