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Things that make you think 'Wow' : D

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We already have threads for laughs and peeves...but what about a thread for awesome things that make you think "Wow...I didn't have a clue about that"?!? I saw this earlier: NASA says all planets

I always found this amazing

Here's one that always stuns me... There are close to 37,848 cubic km of fresh (non-oceanic) water on Earth.  Of those, 29,200 cubic km are in glaciers (roughly 77.2% of the total) and 8,350 cubi

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1 hour ago, Rolig Loon said:

did you know that birds have one-way lungs?

I did not! And that link you provided doesn't explain where the "old" air goes after it gets into those air sacs. I know it doesn't just stay there, or birds would all puff up like balloons. Do they fart it out their butts? That might contribute a bit of propulsive force, I guess...

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1 hour ago, Lindal Kidd said:

And that link you provided doesn't explain where the "old" air goes after it gets into those air sacs.

That confused me at first too.  Look carefully at the animated diagram. The added feature in a bird is the set of sacs that fill up as a bird inhales and then empty as the bird exhales.  Air only passes from the sacs through the lungs and back out through the mouth or nose during the exhale part of the cycle, so the flow of air is truly one-way as far as the lungs are concerned.  Birds don't have a diaphragm the way that mammals do.  The rib cage serves that purpose for them, expanding or contracting as the air sacs fill and empty.  If you hold a bird too tightly in your hand, you can suffocate it by preventing movement of the rib cage.

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On 4/27/2021 at 10:49 AM, Mollymews said:

The No-Copy/Transfer market has come into its own with the introduction of gacha. The concept of Rare has really helped this along. People who are into collecting things really love gacha.

It is something to think about if you are going to get back into making low-cost-entry products.

There is this one guy who makes little potted plants (similar to bonsai) and sells them as gacha for 50L a pop and people collect them all. And chase the rares and pay truckloads for them.

Each year he makes a special one-time rare. Which gets auctioned off inworld for RFL. This lady I know has collected all of his potted plants, and had won every auction for the previous 3 years. Her vampire  castle has a whole room dedicated to these plants.

The last time I went by she told me about that years auction. She bid 78,000L and thought she had it. Then lost to her friend who overbid 120,000L. Just like. 78k going once, going twice... 120k. Which she couldn't afford to top. And now her friend has that rare and she doesn't. She was still a little bit miffed weeks later when I went by her place. As she said, she takes a little comfort that is her friend and she can go and see what she doesn't have.


My reply to that post was WOW!

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Posted (edited)

One of my guilty pleasures is watching cat rescue videos, especially ones where they look after pregnant feral mother cats before fixing them and the kittens and adopting them all out or adopting the kittens and returning the spayed mother to her feral colony.

My "wow" is always watching how the blind wriggling furry jelly beans turn into wobbly kitten shaped beings and finally into lively, mischevious mini cats in a matter of a few weeks.


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