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Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy Gazette

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The BBB Gazette (merged with the Limoncello News) will interest Bellisserians – especially those with Bellisserian Passports. You can apply for a passport at the BBB Offices if you don't already have one. Today in the Gazette, there's an interview with Bellisserian Cranston Yordstorm - who has made a Tudor Pub in his new chalet home and who is blogging about his quest to collect all the visa stamps for his Belli Passport. Take a look and leave some comments!

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I know this isn's going to be a popular post, but I have to say it's a pity that they actually updated the passport from their original one. Let me explain why.

The original passport was fantastic, and being mod, you could do so much more with it rather than simply wear it as a HUD (which filled too much of the screen anyway). You could rezz one out at your home in Bellisseria, linking it to furniture to keep LI down, or even better, you could link it to your car/boat etc, and have a passport that actually went with you as you travelled round the continent.

I loved driving round in my little jeep with my passport open on the dashboard, showing all the stamps I had collected - in fact I made sure that rather than just teleporting to each location, I would physically drive/fly/sail to each one. Doing it this way turned it into a fun little game, and enabled me to see a lot of great places along the way.

Unfortunately, when they updated the passport, they made it no-mod, which now prevents anybody from doing anything like that with it :( 

Ok, so I thought, fine, I'll just use my original one and keep adding to it, after all, it's working fine right ?  Nope, wrong. When they made the updated version mod, they also took away the stamps being supplied as textures, which means I can no longer add any new stamps to my existing passport.

This is a double-whammy for me, because I found another cool use for the textures - and that's to use them kind of like bumper stickers, or stickers you see on the windows of cars. I have a 4wd with all the stamps arranged down the side, and it's really neat, but again, I can no longer update it.

So  not only did they outdate the original passport, they made it impossible for people to continue to use it effectively, and sorry but that kind of stinks. To me this is akin to a creator issuing an updated product that actually took away features, but also then stopped your old product from still working, effectively forcing you to accept something that was worse lol

If anyone has any kind of work-around for this so I can keep collecting stamps, I'd love to hear about it, as I really miss the little expeditions I used to do to find them.

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I am extremely excited about the idea of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy and their Passport Stamp program.  As my blog shows, it has opened me up to a whole new arena of talented, artistic and passionate creators, their builds and new regions which I would not have given a second though to, were it not for the creation of the stamps and the places they are located.  I've already begun a blog about my adventures with it, and if you like, feel free to follow me as I continue my journey.

You'll find it at Passport to Bellissaria - Cranston travels the grid!

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