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Your first car

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Not this specific car, and it wasn't mine .. but this is what I learnt to drive in.

Manual transmission, engine that would probably be more use on a lawnmower (and would flat out refuse to deliver any power till it had warmed up sufficiently), brakes like great big yellow sponge, suspension so lazy the whole thing would rock and bounce, and (best of all) a 30-degree dead zone in the steering that made me feel like I was in a 1940's movie constantly turning the wheel to go in a straight line.

Oh, and when it rained you got wet.

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Late 90s Mazda Millenia. Forget the exact year of the car. It was around Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays in 2006. Was a 3kusd lemon. Drove it down the east coast to Florida and stayed a week with no problems. Blew a tire on the way back up the coast in Georgia. Stayed at my brother's house for the night. He was in the Army and stationed in Fort Stewart at the time (left the car on the highway with a note stating I'd be back the next morning - It was dark).

We (mostly my brother) replaced the tire the next day. I was surprised no one towed it to be honest and I got on my way. Stayed a night in NC and continued for the rest of the trip to New England. At around Fredricksburg VA, doing 65-70mph on I-95 my car literally shut off on me. Like completely off. Steering wheel lock and and everything. I somehow got it off the to the side and managed to coast it down a ramp and into a parking space. I still don't know how to be honest. Got it towed to Pep Boys who said that I blew a gasket and it was basically totaled.

Turns out I was driving with no oil. Pep Boys said that it had a dent in the oil pan which gave me a false reading. So no warning lights or anything and I had no inclination of it since I had just gave it full service and oil change before I took the trip. I just left the car in VA. Pep Boys was kind enough to drive me to a train station where I caught an express to Boston.

Before that I joy rided in an IROC-Z ('88ish?). It was in the parking lot of some auto shop with the keys inside. I'm not sure how it ended up under the side of trailer also in the lot. Then there was this Wrangler my friend paid some junkies to steal for us.... That didn't end well either now that I think of it. Maybe I should stop driving....

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   Not exactly that model, but the first car I remember getting was a large, heavy, cast iron car that my grandfather gave me. It had a slot in the roof through which you pulled it in a string, and if you pulled left or right the wheels turned so you could steer it fairly well. T'was good for smashing things. It wrecked Lego walls and buildings easy peasy. 

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7 hours ago, ballparkdogg said:

What was your first car when you began to drive?

This one when i began to drive (it had red front doors and an extra layer of duct tape to reinforce the hinge of the car hood :


And when I actually got my drivers' license, a dark grey Toyota Starlet GT:


Little added, gratuitous anecdote: I used to drive the former dean of Stanford University in it once, at rather irresponsible speeds.

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My first car was a Renault 5.



Not this one, but this model. Mine was dark green.
Currently I drive the successor of the Renault 5, a Renault Clio.

After I win the Kings day lottery next week, I'll go for a Lexus.  🙃

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A 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited edition with the big v8 engine..

I got it from my father back in 2004, but i had been driving that thing since he got it..

I still have it and it's well kept up and runs great..

I drive it more than I do anything else.


ETA: Oh yea, almost forgot.. it's got the heavy duty brush guards and bumpers and the side bars.. People tailgating me back off quick when i tap the breaks.

They notice them guards real quick .. hehehe


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9 hours ago, ballparkdogg said:

What was your first car when you began to drive?

A 2 door Opel Kadett with no doors, no roof, no windshield, 4 on the floor. It had been converted to be used as a golf cart as well as transportation to and from the course by my grandfather. Ours was red.


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26 minutes ago, Doc Carling said:

Opel GT 1900



My brother was really big on Opel Mantas. Pretty much all he drove after my parents bought him his first one brand new. He totaled it in about 6 months.

My brother was an idiot.

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1973 AMC Javelin - Several major life-events happened in that car 🙂

This one was not mine (none of the original pics of mine are digital and I need to fix that) - mine was candy-apple red and the rims were not that pretty.

I loved that car - because of it, I was lucky that my grandfather was a well-respected county sheriff (then-retired).

Trivia - I bought that car with cows.

This was the first car I ever OWNED. My first personal transportation was a mare named Sugar my grandfather gave me. I learned to *drive* on a Red Belly Ford tractor and a 1963 (beat to crap) Ford Bronco.

Yes, I am from out in the wilds of Oklahoma 🙂




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