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37 minutes ago, Cari Soulstar said:

Okay... there is definitely some wonkiness for sure with group message windows. But let me ask... is it mostly an SL issue, or is it a user issue that people miss group messages?


Top right of this page - enter Group Chat in that Search box.

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4 minutes ago, Cari Soulstar said:

thank you. 😉 <user issue in this case>


There are so many problems with group chat right now, I'm not sure how anyone would ever know it was a user issue -- unless they accidentally unchecked the box for receiving group chat.

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Group chats have been wonky for a long time.

I love it when they just randomly open in the middle of an ongoing conversation:

Random: I did everything you suggested. It’s still not working! This is so frustrating! Why won’t anyone help meeeee!

Random2: The screenshot you just showed us, you’re not even wearing the body.

*closes chat*

*another random group chat opens*

Different random: Don’t click that! It’s a scam!!!

*closes that group chat*
*another one opens*

Different random: X G P R A Y L U

*Logs out*

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Group chat for some groups has been broken for years. The group I set up for my club, no-one (including myself) has been able to post any group chat for about 3 years.

Following a month of discussion via a support case, the best they can offer me is for me to submit a ticket whenever I want to post something and they "re-set the server" or something. Then it works for one time only. And the next time I want to post something I have to ask them again.

Needless to say I haven't bothered.

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