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17 hours ago, Prokofy Neva said:

It's funny how some people don't think a very public thank you is needed here, despite some thread somewhere with 1000 pages where it might have mentioned, and yet those same people aren't bothered by obvious bids to increase post counts and popularity with topics like "rain or shine".

I don't much "need" the map, in the sense that I don't use it to TP places, find popular spots, and that sort of thing. On the other hand, I've always liked the spatial / geographical element that contiguous continents lend to SL -- and I generally prefer mainland over estates for that reason alone. So, when I go somewhere, especially somewhere "new," I like to know where I am, relative to other places I know, and the maps assist in that obviously. And I use them a lot for scootering around the mainland. So I'm pretty happy this has been fixed.

A "thank you" costs nothing. Nor do I merely take for granted that things should be done - - I value the labour and effort and care that people who make things, including code and maps, put into their work.

So, honestly, while I'm not much inclined to thank LL the Corporate Entity for fixing something that they broke and that is really a part of their basic service, I do want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the very real humans that did this.

Corporations don't need and gain much (other than public relations) from warm thank yous. I prefer to think in terms of people.

So to those Lindens who put the work into fixing something that definitely does enhance my enjoyment of this platform -- thank you!

(/me checks to see how this post increases her post count and reputation. Damn. Nothing?)

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22 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

A thank you to the Lab or to the people that kept reminding them it was still broken?

Well, when I understand correctly it works now. A positive attitude is for me to be happy about that and to say thank you. Sure, one can continue to write walls of text about how long it was broken and how much time it took before it was fixed. I don't mind.

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