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Ever since the move into the cloud has been completed, there have been constant issues with group chats. I am an admin in several groups, and wish to participate in other groups, but messages aren't going through.
This is starting to effect group numbers, group activity, and overall inclusivity.

Being a premium member, this has been an ongoing issue for the last two months, which is becoming a joke.

Having searched through the blogs, I have not seen any subjects on this matter, no comments, nothing.

The overall issue is messages into group chats (including private multi-person chats), messages timing out, or messages not posting through on my side of things, and it's 50/50 if others in the group can see the messages, too.
I currently use the Firestorm viewer (most recent version), but I have also tested this with the SL viewer, and the issue persists.

If there is a buried blog somewhere on this subject, feel free to reply with that link so I can keep my group users up to date on this issue.

Thank you

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Well, the most obvious thread to follow is the one Maestro Linden started at 

but there are several others.  Try typing "Group Chat" into the forum's search bar to see what you get.


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1 hour ago, colleen Criss said:

I am having a different issue with groups. I can not join groups by invitation. Anyone else?

They might be working on something today.  I was getting group chat from several groups I had shut off.

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