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Here at Maximus we are always having many cool things for the secondlife community. Maximus is Public Beach Adult Sim. Nude Welcome.


3 MONTH RENTAL BEACH HUT/HOME: Every 3 months some lucky person will win a fully furnished home of their very own. Rounds start at the End of each 3 month period.

500L GIVEAWAY: Every Holiday we give one lucky winner some cash!


7Seas Fishing! Grab those poles! Every week! & LINDO!


See our website for ALL the upcoming Club events! https://www.maximus-sim.site/events


*DAIRY NITROS - For Muffin Milker's EVERY SATURDAY 10pm-12am

 - MM - Muffin Milker's Events - MILK EM DRY DAIRY

What the heck is that? It's not for everyone but those who like a bit of naughty adventure in the milking community this might be the thing for you! No we are not into *****. No we are not fetish freaks. Consider this more a competitive way to level your stats & have fun, Breed, Seed, Milk & meet new people! It's a game in secondlife that raises some eyebrows but we laugh & have allot of fun so it can't be all bad :P. Our dairy is a gym/Spa with stalls that look like gym equipment so it's not too out of the box. Pump it up or relax in the milk pool. Yes we have a milk pool....Need more information about this system inworld or at their website.





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