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Please Help! Education in Second Life Survey

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Hello fellow residents,

my name is Sandrika Broono and I am currently working on my dissertation thesis "The Incentives to Participate in Virtual Environment" targeting Second Life and its use for educational purposes.

It's coming to an end and I would like to kindly ask you to help me with understanding the problematics of education in Second Life by filling out a short 11 question survey I prepared.

Link is available here : https://www.survio.com/survey/d/sleducation  

You are welcomed to share the survey on Facebook, Twitter or in-world. Getting responses from wide range of residents is very challenging, so I appreciate every single one. 

Thank you very much for your time and feedback!


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I have established the virtual facility of our faculty in Second Life in 2020, which serves as the classroom for our students not only during the pandemic situation as an experimental environment and space to present their outputs - 3D models on specific topics they made. Besides the exhibitions purely made by students, they are also having online lectures with Second Life creators and they attend classes on weekly basis in-world. 

That is interesting. Forget the survey,  show us some successful education in Second Life.

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I did it! I hope you collect enough data. I used to work at The University of Idaho sims six years ago. I also taught college for ten years. Each Year, when I was teaching, I brought a group of students in-world to learn basic 3D skills and modeling. I still run into students from time to time. One they got over the initial learning curve of SL, it proved to be a great teaching platform. But, yeah... that initial learning curve is high. 

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@animats Sadly, I need to include a survey in my thesis as well. As I mentioned, I am currently in the process of implementing the virtual environment into our educational process, actively engaging students. Maybe in a few years time I will greatly invite you to a successful educational institution, who knows :)

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