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how does applier work?

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These are "applied" to a specific "layer" object that comes with your Maitreya Body and can be found in that folder. In essence something like this: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3 Clothing Layer. You add it to your Avatar and *then* add the Applier as well. This usually gives you some HUD of sorts where you click which Layer you want to apply it to - but this changes with every creator.

And... done.

Some notes before that though: If you want to reset your Layer or get rid of the Text that appears on your first run of the appliers, you can add your Maitreya Mesh Body Lara HUD and navigate to the Layers tab. There you can select the Layer you want to edit and click "Clean Layer". This resets the layer to blank. It's also generally a good idea to first make a copy of the layer and put it somewhere sane. I tend to place it with the appliers.

So, step by step:

  1. Go to your inventory
  2. Find your Maitreya Folder
  3. Copy the right layer for the job (Clothing for Clothes, Tattoo for... I mean... yeah), put it somewhere sane.
  4. Add the *copy* to your meshbody (right click, add)
  5. Add the Applier - click apply or select a layer or hope the HUD is in any way intuitive. It may take a few seconds and you should see things pop in.
  6. Detach the Applier HUD after it has applied the texture.

If something went wrong, add the Maitreya HUD, go to the Layers tab and "Clean Layer" so you can try again.

/edit: Mind you, Makeup, Skins, etc are a different question and handled differently.

/edit 2: added final step, oops


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Just realized I forgot a step at the end: You can and should detach the Applier HUD after you're done applying it. No need to drag that around. It essentially inscribes onto the layer (hence the copy).

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4 hours ago, jeannita0mckay said:

How do I get the applier to add my avatar body I have the Maitreya Lara body but I like to buy some jeans or tops some saying appliers and am not sure how that works. I tried YouTube came up empty so how do I get it to work?

It is much less work to buy clothes that are rigged to fit the body, and not appliers. Appliers are mostly* obsolete these days. You only wear and take off rigged mesh clothes, instead of "add layer, add HUD, reset layer, add applier, detach applier" and so on. Much faster to skip applier clothes.

And rigged mesh and tops are 3D, where appliers create a flat look, unless it is painted on folds and shades.

*I can think of some need for them, but these days BoM has replaced appliers in so many ways.

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Those above are right. But, I am going to answer a different way that may help you understand.

If you use the build panel to create a cube, you'll find you can add a texture to the cube. The texture can be any image you want. It starts with a plywood looking texture by default. But we can change it.

We do the same thing with bodies and clothes. All things in SL are mesh models and must be textured to add color.

An Applier replaces manually adding a texture via the build panel. It is doing the same thing via a script/program.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 226 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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