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Best Places to Advertise in World

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I usually check traffic also visit place my self see if its bot traffic or actual players. I am not sure what is best place.. it depends..

Adult content have different places to advertise..

Music and DJ's usually using different places (usually club's or stream service's rental boards)..

I have see a few "Looking for work / Hiring ..." advertisement locations.

From what I experienced different places have their own advertisement categories.

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For a business selling items, I didn't find ad boards did anything. The best advert for me has been to go to events where I sell my stuff. At a successful event, I make money selling things directly as well as people finding out I exist.

Also, your forum signature can have links (it's explained in the forum rules). That's free.

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I had a quite successful door store for years.
Like Polenth already stated, ad boards did not help at all.

If you have an in-world parcel, make sure your parcel shows in search and that you use relevant keywords in your search text.


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On 4/16/2021 at 5:16 PM, Cari Soulstar said:

What places in world and what sims in particular do people find are the best places to advertise for your businesses? 

I have tried all different things over the years and to this day I make sure I have multiple methods because some things don't work at certain times or one thing stops working or whatever.

I go to various night clubs or music venues and if they have open ad boards I put ads there, they do get some clicks. If there is some outrageous fee for the ad, I give it a pass, it is seldom worth it. 

There are hangouts like "The Shelter" that have ad boards to help cover their tier.

I have recently started placing an ad in a furniture store. They are the only furniture store I have ever seen put up an ad board which I think is a great idea. It gets the most clicks of any ad I have done because there are hordes of people streaming through for weekly sales which they are diligent about participating in. Disregard traffic, which can be inflated. Look at what the thing is and whether it reasonably can be expected to have real people coming to it.

SL suffers greatly for lack of inworld advertising -- disregard the people who claim they never look at ad boards because there is a sizeable population of people who do, and click through to purchases from them. Yes, there are ugly spinning ads and giant billboards and ugliness but that doesn't mean that inworld ad capacity is good or sufficient. It is not. And not only for the reason of the unregulated nature of it.

I think nothing works as well as search/places which sadly is broken now on the regular SL viewer. Now that the map is fixed, perhaps search will be next?

Classifieds are ok but I find they aren't as good as actual inworld ad boards or search/places.

If you can't find a venue that has ads already, find a venue that seems friendly and might be willing to take an ad from you. But then you will have to supply the ad board. Ad boards are notoriously annoying and tricking to use, there are better or worse but none of them seem to have solved the basic hurdle gracefully: putting your content into another owner's content is never going to be simply, and that's a good thing due to griefing I guess.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 68 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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