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A question for RL Professional DJs

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"Ian, Everyone in SL is a DJ." ~ Boo 

With that always in the back of my mind I have been playing music in SL for a while and I am ready to move up to getting an actual controller and putting decent (beat or key matched) sets together that are more polished and step it up a notch or two.  So I have some questions about streaming music, up loading sets to MixCloud or SoundCloud, and where to get music that is legal to do both.  I have VDJ and am planning on getting a DDJ-400 which will come bundled with Rekordbox (My mind is set on this so let's not discuss hardware). 

So my questions is, Where do you get your music licensed restreaming and uploading to Mixcloud?  I've looked at Beatport but they don't have music like Punk, Rock-a-Billy, Outlaw Country, and other genres that are not EDM. Any other options out there? I know some DJs get their music from Bandcamp but I don't see a re-streaming account. How does all of that work? 

Do you stream in SL directly from VDJ, or Rekordbox or do I need an interface? 

Thank you

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for example here https://www.beatport.com    or http://www.dmcworld.com/

with google or other engine, there are several professional websites.
But that is not all... next to legal music in most countries you also need a license to broadcast, and a license for using the music, so the artists get paid.

With VDJ you can record your set and upload.
VDJ has its own streaming engine build in, and even streams to your own vdj page, but i'm not sure that can be used as so for SL, in the past i rented a stream in sl.(easy to connect with vdj)


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