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Posts and Piers - Imagining How It Could Have Been

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After sailing/motorboating/driving a bit around the Stilt Home Regions, I made some notes for the next time I build a virtual world containing piers and posts.

1. Removable Posts - Allow an owner to decide if a corner post should be there. All these posts in the water are not that attractive nor do they always facilitate navigation. If someone has an orb then, ok, let them mark their territory. But if they really don't care if some one crosses their corner.... let them make the post disappear.

2. Vehicles on Piers - The piers are constructed to block vehicle traffic. Ok... the piers are for walking. I suggest the type of traffic on piers should be a convention... and vehicle traffic should not be physically blocked. Personally, carrying all this trash I collect is getting tiresome and I would really like to use my Krazy Kart... on a Pier.


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RE: posts

Yeah, sadly most people who put up an orb probably won't bother to mark the corners of their parcels. 😒 The posts aren't just there to let boaters know where someone else's property line is though. They are also there to let the property owner know where their property line is. Without them, many would rez all sorts of things extending in every manner of directions far far far outside their parcel. Sail a bit around mainland and see how many do that into the protected waterways and you'll see what I mean. If they had the ability to remove the posts, many would do that just for that purpose most likely. The posts may not be the most attractive, but at least everyone can see them to tell where their boundaries are. Which makes them better than the alternative of trying to navigate between houses where the waterways have been choked off by encroaching objects from residents who simply can't tell where the boundary line is. 

RE: piers

The piers have bollards blocking vehicles from driving onto them because the piers themselves are not very vehicle friendly. With many vehicles (other than wearables) as soon as you get to a junction between two pier sections you'll get stuck. You actually can drive on the piers if you want, but we don't recommend it for that reason. That's why the bollards are there, simply to make it clear the piers aren't intended to be driven on. If you happen to have a vehicle that doesn't get stuck on them, then by all means putter your way down the piers to your heart's content. It's not like anyone is going to give you a ticket. 😉

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RE: Pier Vehicles

My Mountain Bike V1.0 - Bicycle works better on the pier today (4/30/2020). The last time I tried it, I could not get past any bollard. Today I only seem to have trouble at pier junctions as Abnor described above.

I have put out a rezzer for the Culprit DQN Holo bike here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Memison/185/54/23   This vehicle can get thru the pier junctions if you hit them just right. Also it has a flight mode which levitates the bike a meter or two above the surface rendering the bollards ineffective. Touch the bike to get access to a ton of config options. Flight mode is on the first level menu, middle top button. Have fun!

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