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Offering a stage for creative folks on a small scale festival

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If you like to, or would like to show your creativity in SL, then the "Follow the Sun Festival" might be your opportunity.

You may want to sing, exhibit your paintings, run a pop quiz, do some ballet, DJ you best play list, perform a theatre play with your neighbour, or anything else that only you can think of .....

The "Follow the Sun Festival" is a small scale festival that will take place from May 12 - 16 and we would love to see it packed with smaller and larger activities and events. There will be a central dance floor with some nice meeting points, and the festival sim will have the appearance of a natural environment. The rating is moderate.

We will facilitate you with a setup on the sim (things like a stage, an exhibition area, seats) and arrange a schedule for live events. You can sell your art, ask for tips, but you will not be paid by the festival organisation. Amateur level is encouraged, a fun time is what we are aiming for!

React here, or send me an IM if you are interested, I am curious to hear what you will come up with!

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7 hours ago, Doris Johnsky said:

I would be interested. I take photos in SL and retouch them. I have lots of photos but would most likely stick to landscapes. Here are some samples



They look great, Doris! I will contact you in-world!

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