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so i've been interested lately in videos and recording for SL.. basically help tools to help people, what are some of the general ways people record themselves in SL?? preferably for now without sound, as I do live with people in real life.

help is greatly appreciated. 

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Two free, well-featured, open source apps are OBS Studio for recording, and OpenShot Video Editor.

Recording and post-production aren't particularly simple tasks, and the software tools are correspondingly complex. Having said that, these two apps are still easier to get going with than is Blender (a 3D modelling tool for mesh with a notoriously complex user interface).

Other things that are nice to have are a second monitor on a computer powerful enough to run both your actor avatar and a second camera operator avatar (or a second computer), some sort of scripted camera controller for tacking and panning shots (often something the camera operator avatar sits on that moves them around), and a 3D mouse for manual tracking, panning and tilting.

Set your viewer to full screen mode, hide the interface and your HUDs, and turn off annoyances like local chat and IMs on the console that'll ruin your shot (or have OBS studio capture only a part of your screen, at the cost of lower resolution).

Also, check out the Machinima Forum here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/298-machinima-forum/.

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