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37 minutes ago, Holger Gilruth said:

Don´t know if i miss something but the premium gift i get is a hud from spring 2020 forcing me to a game that dont exist anymore.

Is there something broken oder stopped?

What was the gift?  The last one we got was Winter 2020 in Dec.  It did contain the Premium Member Token 2020, that was only useful at the Winter Wonderland or something like that.  However, it also contained a large set of holiday lights.

The gifts have always come out on a random schedule.  In 2019, the first one (not counting the Swaginator gifts) was in Oct, and in 2020 the first one was in May.

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Which region are you trying to get the gift from? the ones in the premium sandboxes definitely give out the latest gifts the one at Orville Airport and the one at the regions with the railway tracks have been known to give out older gifts

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